Let Me Tell You a Story

There once was a great web editor called WordPress. Worked fine. Lasted long time. Then they added stuff that didn’t work and broke the stuff that did.

Go ahead, prove me wrong and make me eat my words. I will dine thusly.

Blog Post Block has pretty pictures in the editor, but alas, not so much in the actual page. (Is it my theme? Or is it just broken?)

When there were kisses

When there were kisses, even if only in my dreams, they could one day come true. Didn’t we take that for granted? Between the embrace of dream and the solace of a stolen moment in touch lie the arrows, the bottles, the signs. The mask. We weren’t meant to be this way – alone, even … Continue reading When there were kisses

Final Approach

If I weren’t a ghost, you would see me.  You would know there is more for you than the wind tossing you through an endless sky and thunder cracking the darkness while shards of lightning sizzle all around you. You would know there is more than just the lonely drone of your engine and the … Continue reading Final Approach


He had to be there at 8:00 sharp.  If he came too early, the old man wouldn’t even get started.  If he got there too late, they would do a little, but the old man wouldn’t really get going before visiting hours were over. There was just something about the old man’s mind that demanded … Continue reading Code