A hundred years from home, the life of Astronaut Garrick Jenkins hangs in the balance when he is set adrift in the deep void of interstellar space. Desperately chasing his one chance for survival, he discovers a wonder beyond his wildest dreams. But will it take him home? Because in space, insanity is not an option.



Bess Kincaid doesn’t know that she has just one year left to live. She doesn’t know that her life is unraveling because of a madman bent on revenge for what the cartel and the DEA have done to his family. To men like him, Bess is just another girl in the wrong place at the right time, another victim to pay a debt that can never be satisfied.

But What he doesn’t know is that Bess isn’t like the others. When survival comes at a price she is unwilling to pay, Bess refuses a fate that no other girl has ever escaped.

In a daring race to find her way home, Bess will have to embrace her worst nightmares as she comes to understand that justice is a cruel companion and that true freedom has its own price.




On the desolate world of Shoahn’Tu, war grinds the last remnants of mankind towards extinction. The Terran Guard, descended from the ranks of the first explorers and sworn to protect the native Shoahn’, pursue a relentless crusade against the faltering colonists they had warned to stay away. The only thing stopping them is The desperately outnumbered ranks of the Shoahn’Tu Marine Expeditionary Force, fighting a losing battle to save the last standing human colony from total annihilation.

But the real enemy has unleashed the vengeance of an ancient and forbidden power that will stop at nothing to end mankind entirely and reclaim the sacred world of Shoahn’Tu as its own.

Now, the only only hope left is Colonel Ben Dekker’s Enforcer Battalion and the promise he and his Marines have made to humanity: That they shall not perish.




Banished to the King’s army for marrying a commoner, Tyrus Faron fights neither for king nor country. He fights to defend the peasant conscripts forced to stand with him, doomed to die too young. In the dark hours where men are honest, he knows too that he yearns to die in battle. Cast out of the ranks of his fellow nobles, Tyrus returns home. There, he finds his manor on the brink of starvation and a baron all too eager to take his lands and enslave his people. But Tyrus also finds the treasure his wife left behind, the only thing left he has to live for, the only thing left worth dying for.