Marsha’s Last Stand - Marsha is looking out the plastic window of our habitat now. She’s looking at that permanent fog infesting the outer wall of The Dome – that relentless barrier between us and the wastelands outside. “I can’t stand it,” she says. “I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it.” The sand, over time, has ground away … Continue reading Marsha’s Last Stand
Dark Winds - He wanted to say brash things. Let the herald of a thousand flowers drown the daylight by which they fought and the moonlight by which they buried the dead. Let us speak of brash things as if the world were not itself. But all he could do now was hear the relentless wind grinding sand … Continue reading Dark Winds
We Went Too Far - Nobody liked you. I mean nobody. It never occurred to me that you knew that. It never occurred to me that we went too far. Smartass sonofabitch. Standing here, that’s all I can think of to say to you and mean it. You thought you were smarter than everybody else and so you used big … Continue reading We Went Too Far
And All Our Yesterdays - I like it up here. It’s dark and windy, and I can see the lights rolling across the hills tucked away in little neighborhoods like mine. And just over their, SFO. I watch the jets angling up from runway two eight. I breathe in the sensation deep as they tuck their wheels up into their … Continue reading And All Our Yesterdays
I Remember the First Time I Saw Her - I remember the first time I saw her. That was before the SS was after her. Before Mama told her to hide. Before I came to this dark place where there is nothing left but to wait. I was just ten years old and I was following the postman that night. I knew he wasn’t … Continue reading I Remember the First Time I Saw Her