Podcast 04.03.20 (Unchosen) - In this episode, we meet Peppi as he confronts his mother with a curious question: why has he no brother or sister? This leads to an awkward conversation about Lebensborn as Peppi’s mother struggles to hold on to her son for as long as she can.
Podcast – 12.06.19 (Unchosen) - A brief recounting of Nazi policy regarding Gypsies in World War 2 and a reading of the first scene from my new novel, Unchosen, where we meet Patrina and her father living in a small village near the Ruhr in 1942, where they have been trying to scrape together enough money to escape the clutches … Continue reading Podcast – 12.06.19 (Unchosen)
Unchosen – Chapter One - In late May 1942, the postman walked quietly up the front steps of his townhouse in a small village near the Ruhr, forcing his feet to slide along casually, as if he were only tired, as if there was nothing to hide. He groped for his own front door because the porch light was still … Continue reading Unchosen – Chapter One
Podcast! - I’ve started a podcast to branch out into communicating with my kind readers by voice and to facilitate some readings from my upcoming novel.  
Pilot Error - He swung open the closet door next to his bed and stared with soft eyes at a wooden box enshrined in emptiness on a shelf all by itself.  The grain was coarse and golden and felt like it would splinter when he ran his fingertips along its surface.  So, he ran them gently, as if … Continue reading Pilot Error