Two Before Me – Watching - Harold watched her through glass, mistakenly thinking that meant his fantasy wasn’t dangerous. He leaned against the wall and stared between the slats of half-drawn Venetian blinds draped over the narrow window next to his office door. The blinds were usually closed as there wasn’t supposed to be any reason for him to look at … Continue reading Two Before Me – Watching
Prolog - A ten-year-old girl stood with her fourteen-year-old brother just outside the Chambers Street station. He held her hand because she was the kind of girl who liked to wander off and explore, seemingly oblivious to the dangers that were waiting in every shadow to take away the life of a young girl. But she wasn’t … Continue reading Prolog
Cover Reveal – Two Before Me - Stuck in a dead-end marriage, Harold Lancaster finds himself entranced by a mysterious young woman that nobody seems to notice but him. But there is more to Maia Collins than meets the eye. What begins as a harmless distraction will become a tempest wrought by the despair of loneliness and lost dreams that neither can … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Two Before Me
box in snow - It was a box in the snow. It lay open beneath a tree, its flaps draped at its side, wrinkled and sagging with ice. Eagerly awaiting for somebody to put something inside. For this is what box did. The last time it had been useful, it lay on the floor beneath a Christmas tree. Prim … Continue reading box in snow