Unchosen – Scene One: Patrina - We meet Patrina and her father, living in a small village near the Ruhr in 1942 where they have been saving money to try and escape the clutches of Porajmos.
Podcast! - I’ve started a podcast to branch out into communicating with my kind readers by voice and to facilitate some readings from my upcoming novel.  
Pilot Error - He swung open the closet door next to his bed and stared with soft eyes at a wooden box enshrined in emptiness on a shelf all by itself.  The grain was coarse and golden and felt like it would splinter when he ran his fingertips along its surface.  So, he ran them gently, as if … Continue reading Pilot Error
Godfrey’s Oath - Before the clouds of Apophus, orange tendrils of sunlight would lay across the New Mexico desert and crawl up the slopes of Sandia Peak so that anybody looking out from its crest would have to shade their eyes and squint as they looked out over the miles of desert below. But it wasn’t like that … Continue reading Godfrey’s Oath
Daffodil - In the same way he did every morning, he smoothed over his pillow and tucked it under the bedspread while he propped the other pillow against the headboard and left one corner of the sheet folded over. In case she ever found her way there, he wanted her to know it was okay to slip … Continue reading Daffodil