Working on the book cover and pitch some more. Still. Will it ever end?

He had a plan.

And he was just an hour from leaving everything behind.

The war. His country. His family. All so he could speak the truth about Putin’s war.

But his sister knows the people that need to hear that truth are in Russia. Somebody has to stand up and say something. At home, where it counts.

All she did was hold up a blank card. But it was enough to put her behind bars.

All he wanted to do was escape. But his hour is ticking away. And he knows he must do what he’s always done for his sister.

He must protect her.

They tell him there is only one way to do that. He must fight a war he doesn’t believe in.

But can he trust the man who holds his sister’s fate in his hands to keep his promise? A promise that only works if he survives the war. Or dies a hero for Russia.

Even as he plots his escape from the Russian army, he finds the one thing he never expected in Ukraine. A girl who harbors a truth about the war the world must see.

A girl he knows he must help escape.

There’s only one problem. An old warrior stands between them and the border. And he will stop at nothing to make sure the truth is never heard.

He had a plan. Now, he has a mission. And if they succeed, they will change the course of history.

Breaking Silence… the first casualty of war is the truth. Buy now.

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