When he first saw her, it was a painted moment he was supposed to forget. Like a drop of rain, it was supposed to dash through the air and splatter into oblivion.

But he knew it never would.

As a ten-year-old little girl, Maia Collins watched her world come to an end as the South Tower fell from the sky.

Eighteen years later, she is an accounting clerk in a company where nobody knows who she is. Except for Harold Lancaster, a man lost and alone in a broken marriage whose only solace is the curiously fetching Maia Collins, a woman who will capture his heart and send him on a journey that will change his life forever.

The one man who will come to know who she really is, Harold will discover that all Maia ever wanted was to protect those around her and avenge that fateful day in Manhattan. But that calling was taken from her and now, she too is lost and alone.

As Harold awakens Maia’s broken dream, he will have to decide if he can sacrifice everything to be with the only woman he has ever truly loved.

And somewhere between love and honor, Maia will have to choose her destiny to become the warrior she was born to be or the man she must leave behind to protect everything she loves.

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