A disillusioned stock broker trapped in a broken marriage falls for a mysterious coworker and learns the true meaning of sacrifice when he reawakens her warrior’s calling.

“…a powerful, engaging story of courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.” -Reedsy.com

As a ten-year-old little girl, Maia Collins watched her world come to an end when the South Tower fell from the sky.

Eighteen years later, she works in a company where nobody knows who she is, except for the man who can’t escape the allure of the curiously fetching AP clerk who works just outside his office.

Struggling to endure his failing marriage, Harold Lancaster turns to the love of his six-year-old daughter Amelia, his best friend Cheryl and the mysterious Maia – a woman who will capture his heart and send him on a journey that will change his life forever.

As Harold grows closer to Maia, Cheryl tries to steer him away from the heartbreak she knows is inevitable. Meanwhile, Harold learns that all Maia ever wanted was to defend her country and avenge that fateful day in Manhattan. Even as Harold awakens her broken dream, Maia refuses to reveal the dark secret that has stolen her calling to fight back.

As Harold and Maia wrestle with a growing passion they cannot control, they will face a turn in Maia’s destiny that she can’t refuse – if she is willing to leave behind the only love she has ever known. But Maia knows that Harold’s longing for her will tear his life apart and she can’t face the terrible price he would pay just to be with her.

Somewhere between love and honor, both Harold and Maia will discover they can’t deny the tidal forces drawing them to each other or their destiny to sacrifice more than they could ever imagine.

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