Title change – marketing is hard!

So, Amy and I were looking at the book and it occurred to us that the title, while compelling to us, may fall kind of flat to somebody perusing books.

They say (The almighty THEY) that the second thing a potential reader looks at when making a buying decision is the title. (The first being whether or not they know the author).

So we put a lot of thought into that idea and went through a lot of different new title ideas. Unchosen connotes so many things about the story we love, and although mysterious, perhaps it needed to say more.

So, here is the new cover. (Ta-Dah)

And — we gussied up the blurb a bit.

A young Hitler Youth falls under the spell of a girl he is forbidden to love in this poignant story of innocence lost to the ravages of Porajmos.

May 1942. Joining the ranks of the Deutsches Jungvolk, ten-year-old Peppi Engel swears to avenge his father’s death on the eastern front, even as his mother desperately fights to save her only son from the clutches of National Socialism.

When the RAF drops an errant load of bombs on his village, Peppi becomes a local hero after rescuing victims in the aftermath. But his Stammführer only sees a little boy who doesn’t understand the difference between those who are allowed to live and those who should be left to die.

To redeem himself, Peppi embarks on a dangerous plan to win the honor and respect he deserves, only to discover a young Gypsy girl named Patrina, who sparks in him the yearning of first love.

Torn by his loyalty to his country and his growing fear of losing Patrina, Peppi learns that honor comes at a price. As everyone around him is swept up in Himmler’s crusade to purify Germany, Peppi will have to face the brutal truth of who he has become and somehow convince the lone Gypsy girl who has captured his heart to trust him before he loses her forever.

What do you guys think?

Please share your thoughts.

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