99¢ special – Broken Wing

Hey guys, bringing this one back at 99¢ for a while to give you something else to try out while we’re all waiting to get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

When 16-year-old Bess Kincaid finds herself sitting alone in a 1972 Trans-Am with the wrong kind of man, she’s strong enough to say no. And she’s smart enough to run. Now, all she wants to do is leave the nightmare behind and hide her secret from her father, the only man who truly understands who she is – the only man willing to protect her.

What Bess doesn’t know is a madman is watching. And he knows a secret about her father that Bess will have to learn the hard way. A secret that will cost her everything when she is swept up in his quest to avenge a debt that can never be paid.

When survival comes at a price she refuses to pay, Bess finds herself locked in a battle with a madman who will stop at nothing to protect his secret empire. But he didn’t count on somebody like Bess, the one girl who will stop at nothing to find her way home.

Please share your thoughts.

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