99¢ special – Firestorm

Hey guys, dusting off my first novel for a whopping 99¢ while we all sit at home waiting for our lives to start back up.

Banished to the King’s army for marrying a commoner, Tyrus Faron fights neither for king nor country. He fights to defend the peasant conscripts forced to stand with him, doomed to die too young. In the dark hours where men are honest, he knows too that he yearns to die in battle.

Cast out of the ranks of his fellow nobles, Tyrus returns home. There, he finds his manor on the brink of starvation and a baron all too eager to take his lands and enslave his people.

But Tyrus also finds the treasure his wife left behind, the only thing left he has to live for, the only thing left worth dying for.

Get yours here.

Please share your thoughts.

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