Some Angels Fight Back

When Bess Kincaid finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, she realizes too late that she is the next victim in a madman’s quest to satisfy a debt that can never be paid.

Plunged into the nightmare of his quest for vengeance, her only hope is to do what no other girl has ever done and find her way home. Until then, survival comes at a price Bess refuses to pay.

Locked in a battle for her very soul, Bess must endure the boundless cruelty and sadistic obsession of a man whose wounds will never heal. A man who will stop at nothing to kill the ember of hope that she will never let die.

But others will pay for her insolence with their lives.

Because she is not alone. Trapped in the darkest corners of the criminal world, Bess learns that any girl left behind will never live to see seventeen. Even if she can find a way out, she will never escape the shadow of those she could not save.

When Bess realizes their fate rests in her hands, she will have to embrace her own brand of cruelty and the cold companion that is justice. Because she will never be free until every girl comes home.

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