Short Fiction


In the same way he did every morning, he smoothed over his pillow and tucked it under the bedspread while he propped the other pillow against the headboard and left one corner of the sheet folded over. In case she ever found her way there, he wanted her to know it was okay to slip… Continue reading Daffodil


Your Destiny is Their Only Hope

Tyrus Faron fights neither for king nor country. He fights to defend the peasant conscripts forced to stand with him, doomed to die too young. When he returns home to find his people on the brink of starvation, he must fight a new kind of war against the Baron who would enslave his family's last… Continue reading Your Destiny is Their Only Hope


That They Shall Not Perish

On the desolate world of Shoahn'Tu, war grinds the last remnants of mankind towards extinction. The Terran Guard, descended from the ranks of the first explorers and sworn to protect the native Shoahn', pursue a relentless crusade against the faltering colonists they had warned to stay away. The only thing stopping them is The desperately… Continue reading That They Shall Not Perish


Some Angels Fight Back

When Bess Kincaid finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, she realizes too late that she is the next victim in a madman's quest to satisfy a debt that can never be paid. Plunged into the nightmare of his quest for vengeance, her only hope is to do what no other girl… Continue reading Some Angels Fight Back

Short Fiction

Final Approach

If I weren't a ghost, you would see me.  You would know there is more for you than the wind tossing you through an endless sky and thunder cracking the darkness while shards of lightning sizzle all around you. You would know there is more than just the lonely drone of your engine and the… Continue reading Final Approach


Adventures in Audio Recording: Nobody Gets

Over the weekend, I decided to do a read of Miri Elm's "Nobody Gets" because I just had to.  It is such a great piece of flash fiction that begged to be read.  I actually got choked up while recording it.  It has been a long time since somebody's writing has moved me like that.… Continue reading Adventures in Audio Recording: Nobody Gets