Short Fiction

Final Approach

If I weren't a ghost, you would see me.  You would know there is more for you than the wind tossing you through an endless sky and thunder cracking the darkness while shards of lightning sizzle all around you. You would know there is more than just the lonely drone of your engine and the… Continue reading Final Approach

Short Fiction


After the hot soup kettle had been scrubbed and set to dry in a wooden sink, after the dirt floor had been groomed with the tracings of a broom, after the last embers in the stone hearth had been shut behind clanky iron doors, after her mother kissed her forehead softly and shooed her to… Continue reading Miriam


Adventures in Audio Recording: Nobody Gets

Over the weekend, I decided to do a read of Miri Elm's "Nobody Gets" because I just had to.  It is such a great piece of flash fiction that begged to be read.  I actually got choked up while recording it.  It has been a long time since somebody's writing has moved me like that.… Continue reading Adventures in Audio Recording: Nobody Gets